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Benefits and Features


It will run smoothly on any surface. The unique rubber track design of the RealCow allows it to be operated on any surface without the constraints of cables, rails, or electrical cords.  It is free to move about anywhere in your pen, arena, or anywhere else that you choose to work your horse. 

The RealCow  is controlled by a familiar push-button remote control that Velcro’s to your finger and wrist.  With just a touch of a button, the  RealCow can be adjusted to run in a variety of configurations. 

When both motors are running at the same speed, the  RealCow will travel left and right in a straight line. It will travel any distance your  working area allows and the speed is adjustable from a slow walk to a fast gallop.  All from the remote.   This is great for working horses  when you don’t want any pressure from the cow.  It is also very useful in schooling cow horses, whether boxing or down the fence.


 RealCow is equipped with two powerful DC electric motors.  By just using the easy to operate finger remote you can make it go to and away from you therefore adding and releasing pressure.  The RealCow can  be run in a slight arc or in a small circle.  When  working the RealCow in a slight arc the horse feels the pressure of the cow coming to it on the ends just like it would in a show situation!


 RealCow will also run in a complete circle.  It will run in a large circle so you can travel around with it like in a round pen situation or Cow Horse participants can even circle it in a small circle. 


 RealCow is the only mechanical cow on the market with these capabilities. 


  RealCow can be easily transported in a vehicle or trailer and can be easily driven from one working area to another.






 RealCow is designed to withstand the harsh conditions associated with training and working horses.   All electrical and mechanical  components are sealed in a rugged but lightweight aluminum base.  The base is nearly dustproof and waterproof.  The realistic life size cow  replica rides on a sturdy frame that can be attached or detached in minutes.  The unique rubber track design allows the  RealCow to travel  smoothly on any surface.  The  RealCow is backed by a one year limited warranty.  


"RealCow is the perfect training tool for any equine sport that involves a cow.  Having one RealCow is like having an unlimited supply of fresh cattle, only the RealCow doesn’t eat, get sick, or take up space.”  

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